Buddy, the robot made by BlueFrog Robotics, has raised more than three times its target on crowdfunding website Indiegogo!

Buddy’s adventure, the robot developed by the French company Blue Frog Robotics, member of Cap Digital exceeded all expectations. In particular thanks to its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that has started for 28 days, the French robot became a worldwide success which forecasts a bright future for this family robot. 

Blue Frog Robotics had announced its funding goal of $100 000 (€91 200) for the development of its companion robot. They have far exceeded this original objective, since they have now $323 166 (€294 600), that is to say 323% of their initial goal.

Now, they ran out of models available for 499, 549, 599 and 649 dollars. The basic model is the “Classic Edition” which is $649 (€592). When they reached $300 000, Blue Frog Robotics decided to add a feature to Buddy which will have a 32 GB memory instead of 16. Moreover, the robot is also available in Black, the “Black Buddy”.

The robots bought with the crowdfunding will be delivered in July 2016.

Buddy is not only a French success, as Internet litteraly fell in love with the little companion robot. Several blogs and websites (French, American or international) shared the information about its crowdfunding. Congratulations to Blue Frog Robotics team, in particular for the good community management on social networks.

Find out more about Buddy by clicking here.

Visit Buddy’s page on Indiegogo.com

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