• Cap Digital International Actions

    Cap Digital is today recognized as one of the major European clusters dedicated to the digital creative industries. European and international collaborations were one of the main initial objectives of the cluster. To do so, Cap Digital has set up a strategy based on different actions:

Action 1: European Collaborative Projects
Participate to large European events and projects whose aim is to promote collaboration in research, innovation and business. Help innovative SMEs to build their own EU projects and go European.

Action 2: B2B – Internationalisation of SMEs
Help high potential SMEs to enter foreign markets and to speed-up their international growth, by participating in international trade shows, facilitating business relationships with local key players, and providing soft-landing services.

Action 3: Networking – Clusters cooperation
Build strong relationships with International clusters using EU initiatives on R&D and innovation programs as well as other powerful European networks.

The result of those actions is materialized every year in Futur en Seine, the World Digital Festival.
Our ambitions are global and the priority is now to build a stronger digital industry based on an effective market. If you share this vision, please contact us:  europe@capdigital.com or international@capdigital.com