• Creative industries

    Cap Digital is the French business cluster for digital content and services. We are a non-profit organization established since 2006.

The Paris Region and Creative Industries

350,000 jobs // 6.2 % of total salaried employment // 20,000 businesses // 18,000 researchers // 20,000 graduates
(source: IAU study, 2012 Creative industries in the Paris Region)

Annually, on average

250 R&D proposals submitted

117 projects labeled by the cluster

73 national funded projects

Since 2006:

935 million € in investment,

375 million € in Public funding

560 million € in private investment

Since 2008:

43 collaborative programs between Paris Region, national and international clusters

42 international programs, 250 startups & SMEs

have received support in the USA, Brazil, Japan, Israel, Canada, China and numerous European countries

Since 2009:

200 startups & SMEs have benefited from our expertise raising capital, mentoring for entrepreneurs, support from major companies

120 startups and SMEs have received advice and support on recruitment and management

In 2011:

50 events per year

80,000 visitors at Futur en Seine, Digital World Festival

170 meetings involving communities, working groups, workshops bringing together more than 3,500 people