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    Eight vibrant member communities make a vital contribution to the strategy and direction of the cluster: Image, Sound and Interactivity, Knowledge Engineering, Culture, Press, and Media, e-Learning and e-Training, Collaborative Technology & Intelligence, Mobile Lifestyle & Services, Robotics and Communicating Objects, and Digital Design.

The communities recommend what actions must be led and generate innovative ideas, projects, and platforms. They anticipate technological developments, as well as the promotion and management of the tools of their domain.

Cap Digital Communities

The “Culture Press Media” community gathers the actors of “culture 2.0” around priority issues in this field such as projects combining content production and the development of tools for cultural expertise; processing of amateurs’ contributions to information and collaboration of stakeholders in the digital field with cultural institutions. The community also works on the cultural collaborative practices and new writings favored by digital technologies and allowing new opportunities such as transmedia, ubimedia, plurimedia.

Referent: Elisabeth Racine – elisabeth.racine@capdigital.com  –  01 40 41 74 98

The design community aims to enhance design among members of Cap Digital: Starts-ups, SMEs, research community and public authorities. The design community seeks to promote this process of creative innovation and its wide range of possibilities to serve companies and society.

Referent: Julien Soullière – julien.soulliere@capdigital.com –  01 40 41 74 94

Cap Digital’s e-education and Training community is the only one existing in this field among all French clusters. With approximately a hundred members (including schools, universities and laboratories, SMEs and large groups), the community structures the e-education network by organizing meetings between research laboratories and industries, promoting projects’ synergies and engaging dialogues between the actors in this sector. The community is very proactive and eager to launch initiatives.
Open to all stakeholders in digital education and training, the community aims to federate its actors to generate and support common projects and trends for e-education, e-learning and  e-training.

Referent: Julien Soullière – julien.soulliere@capdigital.com –   01 40 41 74 94

The “Image, Sound, Interactivity and Video Game” community comprises all the actors of the audiovisual production chain. It deals with applications for HD TV content, digital cinema, 2D and 3D animation, digital visual and special effects, spatial sound in a high resolution, real-time generated interactive sound, virtual and augmented reality.

Referent: Arnaud Druelle – arnaud.druelle@capdigital.com

The “Knowlege Engineering” community includes laboratories, SMEs and the entire information processing ecosystem as well as the «business intelligence» around such topics like semantic extraction, data processing, sorting and analysis.

Referent: François Hanat – francois.hanat@capdigital.com –   01 40 41 11 89

The « Open source Software, Cooperation and New Models » community gathers the open source and Web 2.0 actors. It deals with new business models and the mix Open/ Not Open source software. It fosters the emergence of joint projects and aims at the constant improvement of the ecosystem through partnership with local clusters and federations, enabling detection and necessary support for a strong and high quality innovation in the Paris region.

Referent: Elisabeth Racine – elisabeth.racine@capdigital.com –   01 40 41 74 98

The “Robotics and Internet of Things” community is meant to be the hub for autonomous robotics, comprising both service and entertaining robots. The idea is to foster the emergence of the robotics and communicating objects sectors by focusing on business and innovation.
The overall objective of the community is to contribute in making France one of the leading countries in robotics. The community is meant to be a breeding ground for an ecosystem composed of robotics companies and others offering added-value technologies for robotics in general.

Referent: François Hanat – francois.hanat@capdigital.com –   01 40 41 11 89

The community’s website:

The “Mobile lifestyle and services” community aims to gather its stakeholders to experiment advanced technologies and innovative services, observe and analyze their uses in their ergonomic, safety, utility, ethics, law and acceptability dimensions. Building on a powerful industrial R&D, technologies, human and social sciences, the community supports the creation of proper communication and service uses environments providing the mobile users with:

•    ergonomic access to rich multimedia content;
•    cooperation with groups of mobile users;
•    interaction with communicating environments and its right management as well as the security and confidentiality of those exchanges.

Referent: Arnaud Druelle – arnaud.druelle@capdigital.com