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    Cap Digital’s network builds on its participation to several EU projects. Indeed, a good way to establish sound and reliable relationships with European organizations is through European projects.

Since 2006, Cap Digital has been involved in 13 European projects, financed by the European Commission.

Our European Projects


CECIL: Cluster Excellence for Creative Industries Leadership

EU Programme: COSME

Partners: Poland, Denmark, Spain, Ireland

Duration: 24 months

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen cluster management excellence, and hence, top professional cluster services in the partner regions of the consortium for the Digital Creative Industries.

In order to foster a continuous improvement of cluster management and the provided services, it is essential to measure the impact of the project results. With this aim, the consortium partners will undertake both a self-evaluation and cluster member evaluation compiling quantitative and qualitative data from the cluster management teams, the committed participants and the project development.

More information: http://nem-initiative.org/



The Therapy Lens (TL) project aims to develop a software application for supporting patients with neurological diseases in activities of daily living (ADL). Using the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality device, users perform ADL tasks in real life while the TL application provides embedded virtual support that aims to guides users towards a successful outcome. The support takes the form of virtual objects and audio-visual feedback that appears within the user’s field of view during the task.

The Therapy Lens project Kick-Off took place in Munich on the 12th and 13 th of January 2017.

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Vital media

VITAL MEDIA: Vision, Insights and Trends for Awareness and Leadership in Media

EU Programme: Horizon2020, ICT

Partners: Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy

Duration: 24 months

There is a clear need for the establishment of a common European community in the area of convergence and social media, in order to lay-down common research and innovation strategies, by involving important players from academia and research institutions, policy makers and end users.

One of the main goals of the Vital Media project is bringing together the community in digital media research and innovation, making best use of social media to achieve this. This will help to grow and bring together the community at a European level, reaching national and regional clusters, through collaboration with the NEM Initiative. Via workshops and networking events, the project will engage the community at all levels, using an innovative online collaboration tool to aid collaboration.

More information: nem-initiative.org


RDA-E3: Research Data Alliance – Europe 3

EU Programme: Horizon2020, EINFRA

Partners: Germany, Finland, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Ireland

Duration: 30 months

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is rapidly building the social and technical bridges that enable open sharing and re-use of data on a global level. RDA/Europe – the European plug-in to the global Research Data Alliance activities – will ensure that European research, industrial, e-infrastructure and policy stakeholders are all aware of its achievements, engaged with and actively involved in the global RDA activities and will advance the use of its results.

This RDA/Europe proposal will mainly build on the successful consortium of the previous years but strengthen its anchoring at policy, scientific and industrial uptake to drive forward RDA Europe objectives that are all grounded in technological excellence and innovation and have clear international ties.

More information: https://europe.rd-alliance.org/


ACE (2013-2015):  Accelerating the early engagement of highly innovative ICT start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs in Cross-Border cooperation and venturing

EU program: FP7-ICT (Coordination and Support Action)

Partners: Belgium, Portugal, Italy, France, Finland, Sweden, UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Germany, Czech Republic. 

Building on a mapping analysis of existing/emerging good practices in internationalization and cross border venturing in Europe, a group of ICT clusters, incubators and accelerators will collaborate in the development and pilot testing of the new Accelerate Cross- border Engagement (ACE) operational program.

The overall aim is to deliver targeted cross border services to highly innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs in the ICT sector in order to accelerate their growth. ACE will put in place operational schemes to connect companies with international networks of investors and to establish a network of potential clients. They will establish a collaborative platform supporting open innovation between participating companies and the ACE support network.

The ACE program is supported by cross border finance experts and European innovation support networks EBN and ENOLL.

More information 


INNOvative LABS for leveraging cross capacity building between ICT, Health, BIO and Medicine sectors for new emerging industries in personalized health

European programme: H2020-INNOSUP

Partners: Oslo MedTech (Norway), Berlin Partner (Germany), Campania BioScience (Italy), Cap Digital (France), Biotecyl (Spain), Eurob Creative (Spain), Health Clusternet (United Kingdom), Interizon Foundation (Poland)

Duration : 30 months (from January 2017 to June 2019)

NNOLABS project aims to foster collaboration, transfer of knowledge and opportunities among SMEs from different countries and sectors in order to develop, improve and deliver disruptive technologies mainly related to mHealth, personalized healthcare and ageing populations. INNOLABS will select more than 100 innovative project ideas to accelerate and further support monetarily and with innovation services.

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European Health Catapult

European programme: EIT Health 2017

Partners: Medical Valley (Germany), Cap Digital (France), Medicen (France), Angel Santé (France), in cooperation with Health Axis Europe

Duration : 12 months

European Health Catapult will select and train the best European teams in Medtech, Biotech and Digital Health. Nominated SMEs, spin-offs and start-ups will have the opportunity to optimise their business plan and to strengthen their ability to pitch in front of top-level investors and industry stakeholders in view of the EIT Summit in London where prizes will be awarded to the winners.

Our past European Projects


EuroTransmedia (2013-2016): Gathering media clusters to bridge digital content with emerging technologies
EU program: FP7 Regions of Knowledge
Partners: Belgium, France, Sweden, Spain, Estonia

Associated partner: Canada 

The EuroTransmedia project gathers some of the most influent triple helix media clusters in Europe.

Their main goal is to develop cooperation between all the stakeholders along the value chain (industrials, SMEs, research labs, academics, and public authorities) to address the Transmedia revolution with innovative solutions and stimulate economic development at European level.

As main achievement, a coherent and unified research agenda and the related interregional joint action plan will be developed by the consortium in close partnership with regional authorities. This will help Europe and its regions to reach the top spots in the emerging globalized Transmedia sector, forming a European wide, world class cluster of excellence in the field.

More information


TELL US (2013-2015): Technology Enhanced Learning (e-learning)

EU program: FP7-ICT (Coordination Action)

Partners: France, UK, Spain, Sweden, Germany 

TELL US project aims at addressing the inertia of the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) deployment in European formal education systems by organizing a two stage contest process throughout European countries (four regional contests and a Great Final) and demonstrating successful adoption and scaling-up of the awarded products and demand by the formal learning context.

TELL US concept offers a different dimension to the TEL prizes aiming at providing a mix of help and money to the winners in order to scale-up their technologies and products to new EU regions, namely in terms of:

–          Localisation support – to move to other languages to “crack” EU and global markets

–          Support to access markets – to attendance at international expositions, marketing budget

–          Help and advice from highly experienced experts from business and formal education (end users) communities (marketing, purchases advice)

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WEAR-A-BAN (2010-2012)


Theme: Wireless body-area-network (WBAN) technologies

EU program: FP7 – Research For the Benefit of SME Association
Partners: Germany, Cyprus, Spain, Finland, Switzerland, France

The objective of Wear-a-BAN is to investigate and demonstrate ultra-low-power wireless body-area-network (WBAN) technologies for
enabling unobtrusive human to machine interfaces (HMI) into SME-driven market segments of smart fabrics / interactive textiles (SFIT), robotics for augmented reality assistance and rehabilitation, and natural interfacing devices for video gaming.
The proposed research will generate high societal and market impact for the European SMEs, and will enable major technological
breakthroughs in the areas of ultra low-power radio system-on-chips (SoC) and of textileoriented system-in-package (SiP) platforms
for miniature wearable antennas, wireless and sensor electronics and digital signal processing.

More information: www.wearaban.eu

IMMEDIATE (2010-2012)


Theme: International fund raising support improving the value of digital media and creative industries through innovative business models and services

EU program: CIP ICT PSP
Partners: Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Malta, Italy, France

ImMediaTe aims to provide tools and services to assist the growth of digital media SMEs operating in the creative industries sector. Analyses and reports show that diverse sources of financing are available for the sector, but significant cultural and educational gaps prevent the people with the right ideas from meeting the people with the right money.
This is true for many sectors, but especially for digital media, a sector in which such radically diverse industrial models as ICT and audiovisuals co-exist. IMMEDIATE is thus dedicated to the development of digital media and creative industries thanks to innovative services and business models.
Cap Digital contributed to organize 5 internationals meetings about: Investment Forum at Mobile World Congress (Barcelona), IPR for
Creative Talents (Amsterdam), Cross-media (Rome), Mobile Gaming (Malta) and Digital Solutions for Creative Cities (Paris).

More information: http://bit.ly/JPrQo6

OPENCITIES (2010-2013)


Theme: Towards Smart Cities using Open-innovation schemes

EU program: CIP ICT PSP
Partners: Spain, Germany, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Great-Britain, France

Opencities aims to explore the possibility of integrating Open and User-driven Innovation methodologies in the public sector, with five
main objectives:
1. Distil insights and best practices on how to apply Open Innovation in the Public Sector
2. Gain understanding on the management of Technological Platforms in an Open Innovation context ;
3. Validate the use of pan-European Platforms for Crowdsourcing, Open Data, FTTH networks and Open Sensor Networks ;
4. Trigger the development of Advanced Future Internet Services ;
5. Understanding how Living Labs could be effectively applied for promoting the adoption and cocreating of innovation in Smart Cities;

Through this project, Cap Digital intends to support businesses working in the areas of digital contents in Europe, fine-tune their innovative on-line and mobile services and digital contents. Cap Digital’s involvement is on realsize experimentation before the commercial development of the project.

More information: www.opencities.net

REDICT (2008-2010)


Theme: Regional economic development through ICT/New media cluster
EU program: FP7-Regions of knowledge
Partners: Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Denmark, Ireland, France

REDICT brings together 6 regions and clusters (17 partners), which share a strong R&D presence in the field of ICT and New media and
the sense that this position has to be exploited for maximal economic and social benefit. They see that the factors that influence the transfer of knowledge to SME s are complex and often badly understood and want to exchange experiences and best practices to better understand these factors and to make use of them to boost compositeness and economic performance.

REDICT focuses on ICT/New media as it has been a driver for scientific and economic change in the past. The impact of ICT and new
media technologies for the acceleration for productivity growth is commonly recognized.
In comparison with other sectors the ICT/New media sector is quite R&D intensive; however a further increase in R&D investments will be crucial for future competitiveness. This project will contribute to the favorable conditions to achieve this goal.

More information: www.redict.eu


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