• European Strategy

    Established in 2006, Cap Digital is today recognized as one of the major European business clusters dedicated to the digital transformation. It accounts more than 1050 active members – including around 900 SMEs; 67 medium-large companies; 82 institutions of higher education and research; 13 capital investors. European collaborations were one of the main initial objectives of the cluster.

To achieve this objective, Cap Digital team has set up a strategy based on different types of actions:

  • to build strong relationships with European clusters using EU initiatives on R&D and CIP programs, and build a European Digital Think Tank;
  • to join the EIT ICT Labs network and develop R&D activities using this new European initiative;
  • to help Cap Digital SMEs build innovative European projects able to be selected by European Commission;
  • to organize and participate to large European events, promoting collaboration in research, innovation and business;
  • to organize dedicated B2B meetings between European companies, to develop collaborations and facilitate the access to the European market.

Our priority is now to build a stronger European digital industry based on an effective European market. If you share this objective too, please contact us.

Together, we can develop the new market opportunities our entrepreneurs are looking for!

What is Cap Digital’s European added value?

  • Cap Digital is one of the major European clusters dedicated to digital contents and services;
  • Experience in EU-funded projects (FP7, Horizon2020, EUROSTARS, COSME…) including in WP leadership;
  • Dynamic French members (industrials, academics, public actors) willing to join EU projects;
  • Dissemination of activities and inter-clustering;
  • International cooperation with Europe, Brazil, USA, Israel, Japan and South Korea;
  • Cap Digital yearly organizes Futur en Seine, the biggest European festival on digital innovation, which always includes European inter-clustering activities and dissemination opportunities for EU clusters and projects;

What can Cap Digital do for you?

  • You are a cluster:

–       We can build an EU project together

–       We can help you and your members find a sound French partner for your EU projects

–       We can exchange information about the European digital sector

  • You are a company or an academic:

–       We can help you find a sound French partner for you EU projects (Horizon2020, EUROSTARS, etc.)

–       We can provide you with useful information on the French digital sector and help you get in touch with the relevant stakeholders


Contact our team for more information on our European activities or collaborate with us:

Joséphine ROHNER – EU & International Affairs – Project Manager

Email: josephine.rohner@capdigital.com

Tel: +33 (0)1 40 41 74 97

Mobile: +33 (0)6 40 48 16 75

Inès Gil – EU & International Affairs – Business Relations

Email : ines.gil@capdigital.com


Lola Kahn – EU & International Affairs – Education and Training Industries

Email: lola.kahn@capdigital.com


Francesca Chryssolouri – gi-Cluster Ambassador –  French-Greek Business Relations

Email: francesca.chryssolouri@capdigital.com