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    Today, more than 50% of the world’s population lives in Asia. and more than 1 billion people are using Internet there (45% of the world’s internet users).


The social media agency We Are Social published at the end of 2012 some key figures about Asia’s digital landscape, which is very quite dynamic. Here are some of them:
– there are over 1 billion internet users around Asia;
– at least 811 million of these people use social media;
– 50% of the world’s social media users are in Asia;
– more than 10 million new people in Asia join Facebook every month;
– Asia is home to more than 3 billion mobile subscriptions;
– people in Asia watch almost 45 billion online videos.

The We Are Social full report is available here: We Are Social’s Guide to Social, Digital and Mobile in Asia (2nd Edition, Oct 2012) from We Are Social Singapore



- French Pavilion at Robotworld (Seoul) in 2012

Robotworld 2012 – Overview

Business travel in Beijing (2010)


Topic: Learning Technology
8 Cap Digital members traveled on mission to meet local authorities and potential partners: Editis, Jouve, CNDP, Universciences, Maxicours, Actialuna, Leezam and leLivreScolaire.fr
In partnership with the French Ministry of Education, with the support of Ubifrance in Beijing.
Take a look at the full report here (in French).

Compte-rendu de la mission Education Numérique à Beijing – 2010 by think digital


Relations with KOTRA (Korea)

- Cooperation with Digital Content Expo (Tokyo)
Futur en Seine On Tour, 2010 and 2011