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    Silicon Valley is the undisputed cradle of some of the most important high-tech innovations, and remains a dream for entrepreneurs all around the world.


Silicon Valley continues to be the world leading hub for high-tech innovation and development, according to a recent report from Telefonica Digital and Startup Genome (2012). In particular, this report tells us that among Silicon Valley’s biggest advantage is funding in which a range of funding sources including angels, venture capitalists and incubators have allowed area start-ups to raise a third more capital on average than those in other cities.

As everybody knows, Silicon Valley is home to many global high-tech giants like HP, Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Intel, or Apple. It’s the center for billions of dollars in tech funding, partnerships and client deals, and a natural meeting place for talents from all over the world. But to exploit all the available synergies and to reap the full benefit of them, startups need to be well prepared.


In 2013



Cap Digital and US Market Access Center (US MAC) propose to tech companies from Paris Region a custom-made program in order for them to access the US market as fast as possible. More details here!

siggraph13-180- French Pavilion at SIGGRAPH

Cap Digital, the French cluster for digital content and services, has for 6 years been serving French companies to ensure that they are both present and visible at SIGGRAPH.



- French Pavilion at SIGGRAPH every year, since 2007

Cap Digital have two objectives:
•    Support for French SME Exports
France is the third world leader for animation and special effects after the United States and Japan, and the Ile-de-France is home to 90% of French companies in the sector. One of Cap Digital’s missions is to communicate this message internationally and enable companies to showcase the best of French innovation each year.
•    Turning the spotlight on the Paris Region through highlighting Futur en Seine, a symbol of Ile de France digital creativity
Futur en Seine is the major annual festival of digital technology that brings life and activity to the Paris region every year during the month of June with events for both the general public and professionals. With 350,000 jobs in the digital industries, (source IAU), Ile-de-France is the European region with the greatest number of jobs in the sector. Several CDT – Territorial Development Agreement – projects, which are part of the Grand Paris, are aimed at the digital industries, such as the Territory of Culture and Creation project (Plaine District and Saint Ouen) and it is essential to position the Paris region internationally.


 Sig12photSingier_25  Sig12photSingier_33


usmac_logo_new_colors_250x96- US MAC (US Market Access Center): international business accelerator, Silicon Valley.
SCALE UP 2013 partner



mines CarnegieMellonUniversity_wordmark- Institut Mines-Telecom Incubator, Silicon Valley
in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University