AI4Cities is moving to Solution Design Phase

Following the Request for Tenders published in December 2020, the AI4Cities’ Buyers Group has selected 21 suppliers competing in the Mobility Challenge and 20 competing in the Energy challenge (out of the 97 received proposals) to continue to Phase 1 of the project, the Solution Design Phase.

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BREAKING NEWS. The Metropole of Grand Paris has signed a partnership agreement with Cap Digital to get involved in the project. This partnership will enable cities to test and experiment the technological solutions resulting from the project.

41 consortia selected including 7 members of Cap Digital!

In the Mobility Lot, the selected solutions vary from an optimization tool to address eco-efficient last mile delivery, to real-time air quality measurements, and a cycling management tool to make cycling safer and more attractive.

Among them, we have to highlight Cap Digital’s members:

  • AI Roads Consortium (including WaltR) which provides dynamic micro-regulation traffic management based on timely valid information on road pollution and emissions, as well as encouraging behavioural change.
  • Insight Signals, with its Twin4Impact solution, which is a user-centred Mobility Digital Twin, focused on users’ behaviour, their mobility choices and the quantification of resulting CO2 emissions at micro and macro scale
  • Urban Radar, a technology company devoted to enabling better decision making to current urban challenges through data. Its AI4Cities project consists of a platform for cities to achieve city-wide coordination of logistics resources to maximise operational efficiency.
  • The consortium of Vianova and Rebel Group, dedicated to moving people and goods around cities more efficiently, equitably and sustainably. The AI-powered tool developed will promote decarbonisation and more vibrant cityscape: the “Mobility Policy AutoTune’ tool (MPAT).
  • Zenika with its solution ECO-PARKSPOT to address traffic congestion and pollution by drivers looking for parking spaces by 1. getting cars off the road 2. keeping cars away from the most crowded areas


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For the Energy Lot, the selected solutions vary from an AI collaboration platform empowering the construction industry to remove barriers for circular activities, to a smart battery system designed for residential, public and commercial buildings to store electricity using upcycled electric batteries, and a smart demand forecasting tool for electricity utilities/aggregators.

Among them, we have to highlight Cap Digital’s members:

  • Inetum, a consulting and technology services company, is proposing the development of a solution for optimizing the hydrogen value chain in the context of a port city – based on AI technologies.
  •, a project co-developed by Kayrros, La Javaness and Nextq, which leverages staellite data and other alternative data with AI to monitor emissions in near real-time.


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What is the Solution Design Phase?

In this first phase of the project, the selected suppliers will receive funding – each contractor will receive a maximum of 40,000 euro – to further develop their AI-based solutions, in accordance with the input provided by the Buyers Group and work on a full plan for the development of a prototype.

They have three months to do so, following which the Buyers Group will evaluate which of these suppliers will continue to Phase 2, the prototyping phase of the pre-commercial procurement (PCP).


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