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Launched in 2020, our European dedicated newsletter is aiming to feature our activities at European scale.

Our newsletter gathers all the headlines of our growing organisation showing strong impacts across Europe. In the meantime we aim at sharing our members’ successes, communicate the adressed opportunities, and create a strong community among our European stakeholders and partners.


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15th Newsletter - December 2023 !

Best wishes ! For this season’s greating, we have prepared a special holiday newsletter with a review of our bright 2023 European projects: the new batch of EIT Health Catapult program start-ups, our podcast to better understand all the challenges of TEMS project and highlights on MAKING-CITY, CircBoost, CDREurope, funding opportunity and successes from our community.

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14th Newsletter - July 2023

This edition announces a new Horizon Europe Project Circ-Boost and went through the 9 winners of the EIT Healthcare Catapult program and the final event of the DIY4U project.

We also gave some updates on MAKING-CITY, CREA and CDR Europe and went through successes from our community and last but not least we welcome Mélanie Pellen in her new position !

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13th Newsletter - March 2023

To start this sparkling spring, we are delighted to announce taking part of a new Interreg Europe Project entitled Corporate Digital Responsibility in Europe (CDREurope).
This newsletter will also go through an accelerator Healthcare start-ups, a focus on Digicirc final event project.
We highlights three other projects such as DIY4U, MAKING-CITY and CREA and the successes from our community.

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12th Newsletter - December 2022

To end 2022 in style, we have prepared a special holiday newsletter program with a review, in videos, of some of our bright 2022 European projects and successes:

AI4CITIES: Spotlight on the two cutting-edge projects experimented in Paris Region

DAPSI: Final celebration in Paris for our project dedicated to data portability!
— Focus on our other European main successes (DigiCirc, DIY4U, & MAKING-CITY)


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11th Newsletter - September 2022

Discover the CREA Europe tour which starts on September 28th, 2022, in Madrid to rally throughout Europe around the Creative Europe theme. Join the Dapsi Final Event #3, to see the 19 latest innovations in data portability! And the AI4Cities final demonstration through a webinar of AI based emission reduction solutions, on September 29th 2022 at 9 am – 3 pm (CET). Then a focus on the 4 winners of the second Open Innovation Competition DIY4U and an event in Paris for the EIT Health Catapult programme. Get inspired by the French ecosytem with the Retail Booster third Edition and the successes from our community.

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10th Newsletter - July 2022

Hot topics about our European projects including the ICE consortium to form the ninth KIC EIT Culture & Creativity including Cap Digital as a partner, a focus on the five winners of its acceleration program for Bioeconomy, the AI4Cities Mid-term review at Cap Digital, our new project CREA aiming to create a creative writing European digital space and finally our members’ successes fundraising.

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9th Newsletter - March 2022

Find our last breaking news about our European projects including the Digicirc final event, ongoing “Open Calls” to connect to best european opportunities, a focus on positive energy districts with MAKING-CITY and the four prototypes dedicated to Paris Region’s urban with AI4CITIES and finally check out our members’ successes who raised €1.4+ billion in 2021.

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8th Newsletter - December 2021

Discover DigiCirc latest news and the winners of the third open call for Blue Economy, the 20 AI-based solutions in development within AI4CITIES project and the 21 start-ups who have reached EIT Health Catapult finals. Don’t miss the latest successes of our member community and the replay of our SCI.TY movement launch!

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7th Newsletter - September 2021

Focus on upcoming events such as the EIT Health Catapult semi-finals and the DigiCirc Circular Cities DemoDay and Blue Economy Open Call. News about our ongoing European project DIY4U and interview of our member, Startin’Blox, winner of NGI Trust. And finally some highlights on our ecosystem and the successes from our community!

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6th Newsletter - May 2021

What’s new about our European projects? DigiCirc Circular Cities Acceleration programme, AI4cities Phase 1 ‘Solution Design’ or DAPSI Phase 2 ‘Booster’ have finally been launched. A inspiring event organised like “The Web after the Platforms” and a connecting one like the “European Smart City”.  Finally, don’t miss the highlights of previous weeks and our members latest news and projects.

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5th Newsletter - February 2021

What’s new about our European projects? EIT Health Catapult, AI4Cities and DIY4U Open Calls are still open for few days/weeks. Do not miss out the opportunity to participate to these vibrant projects. In the same time, DAPSI and DigiCirc have closed their applications and will soon select the most  suitable applicants. Find some news about the submission of our EDIH project called SUMITY and our new support to Ellure, a start-up which aims to prevent overproduction in cosmetics by customization.  Finally, don’t miss our members latest news and projects.

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4th Newsletter - November 2020

Find our last breaking news about our European projects including the ongoing “Open Calls” in the DigiCirc and DAPSI projects, the EIT Health Catapult Finals and opening of the AI4Cities Call for tenders to come or the new “Get inspired” section with a selection of French initiatives driven by Cap Digital and implemented together with its community. Of course, our latest highlights and members successes are also included.

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3rd Newsletter - September 2020

Focus on upcoming events such as the EIT Health Catapult semi-finals and the AI4Cities Bootcamp. News about our ongoing European project DigiCirc and state of progress of SUMITY, the future EDIH dedicated to a SustAInable & Human City. And finally some highlights on our ecosystem and the successes from our community!

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2nd Newsletter - May 2020

What's new about our European projects: ROLINER is developing a game-changing adaptive wearable for prosthetics lower limbs. EIT Health Catapult powers an accelerator program dedicated to Medtech, Biotech and Digital Health start-ups and SME's. And we announce the launch of the DigiCirc EU project that aims to boost the circular economy using innovative digital tools. Last but not least, don't miss our members latest news and projects.

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1st Newsletter – March 2020


Focus on the calls open for applications: EIT HEALTH CATAPULT and DAPSI from Next Generation Internet. Overview of our ongoing European projects REVEAL and AI4CITIES. And find the highlights of the ecosystem, members and stakeholders and don’t miss our members latest news and projects.

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