Kap Code and Microsoft cooperate to create a data-base on Covid-19

The French start-up, Kap Code, member of Cap Digital and specialized in the health innovation sector,  and Microsoft, have developed a partnership to create a data base within the Epilogue platform in order to develop research in the frame of Covid-19 epidemic and to have new instruments in case of a second wave.

Kap-Code is a startup from the company Kappa Santés specialized in the digital health and its applications . Kap Code offers solutions in the field of chronic pathologies and the search for health signals in social networks and also supports clients in digital projects.

This platform, Epilogue, is updated every week

This platform, Epilogue, is updated every week, for a retrospective view of the evolution of the pandemic in the world, and more particularly in France.

The role of Kap Code in this project is to identify, quantify and validate the data in terms of information reliability. Kap Code also works on the creation and integration of the data base, together with Microsoft.*

Four main axes are highlighted on the platform:

  • open data mapping

From all the information available online, an international as well as national vision of the evolution of the pandemic will be provided, as well as data on the evolution of the care provided and on current epidemiological knowledge.

  • an analysis of social networks

This analysis will be based on data extracted from Twitter and the platform will offer to visualize the temporal evolution of discussions on social networks, the topics of these discussions, but also the most influential hashtags and profiles.

  • an “infodemia” gathering fake news shared on social networks

It will draw up a summary of the false information circulating on the net and explain how to deconstruct these false speeches.

  • Covid-19 news

In general, the platform will make a list bringing together several of the initiatives and recommendations carried out by companies and institutions to combat the epidemic of coronavirus.

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