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From the beginning, we have been involved in +20 EU-funded projects as Coordinator or WP leader. Benefit from our extensive experience in collaborative projects.

Horizon 2020 and the 7th Framework Programme

Horizon 2020 and the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development include all the European research initiatives under one structure in order to strengthen efforts for employment, growth and competitiveness in Europe.

Vital Media

Enlarging community in the broad media area.

2016-2018 — Bringing together the community in digital media research and innovation, making best use of social media to achieve this through collaboration with the NEM Initiative.

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Boosting the existing cooperation arrangements between the EU and China.

2017-2019 — URBAN EU-CHINA aims at:

  • Developing a robust, evidence-driven bottom-up approach to complement the existing top-down EU-China strategic approach to sustainable urbanization
  • Creating tighter coupling between city-level, national, and supra-national programmes, planning, policies, and projects
  • Yielding a significant increase in cooperative EU-CHINA R&I activities
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Gathering media clusters to bridge digital content with emerging technologies.

2013-2016 — Develop cooperation between all the stakeholders along the value chain (industrials, SMEs, research labs, academics, and public authorities) to address the Transmedia revolution with innovative solutions and stimulate economic development at European level.

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Research Data Alliance 3 (RDA3)

Building the social and technical bridges that enable open sharing and re-use of data on a global level.

2015-2018 — Ensures that European research, industrial, e-infrastructure and policy stakeholders are all aware of its achievements, engaged with and actively involved in the global RDA activities and will advance the use of its results.

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Regional Economic Development by ICT/New media clusters (REDICT)

Exchanging experiences and best practices to better understand the transfer of knowledge to SMEs.

2008-2009 — This project brought together 6 regions and clusters (17 partners) to map, analyse and exchange all critical issues in the field of ICT/New Media cluster-development in the regions involved, in order to compose the best strategy and related practical Action Plans to strengthen the economic competitiveness, with a clear focus on role and potential of SMEs.

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Enabling unobtrusive human to machine interface.

2010-2012 — Investigate and demonstrate ultra low-power wireless body-area-network (WBAN) technologies for enabling unobtrusive human to machine interfaces (HMI) into SME-driven market segments of smart fabrics / interactive textiles (SFIT), robotics for augmented reality assistance and rehabilitation, and natural interfacing devices for video gaming.

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Addressing the inertia of the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) deployment in European formal education systems.

2013-2015 — Two stage contest process throughout European countries (four regional contests and a Great Final) and demonstrated successful adoption and scaling-up of the awarded products and demand by the formal learning context. We contributed to regional and final contests design, recruiting participants and communicating the contests.


Accelerating Cross-border Engagement (ACE)

Accelerating Cross-border Engagement (ACE).

2013-2015 — Engage highly innovative ICT start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs in cross-border cooperation and venturing in order to boost their growth. The project suitably involved entrepreneurs and support services stakeholders with a total of 133 SMEs from 18 countries supported through the support services, with 21 companies securing investments.

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HORIZON 2020 and the INNOSUP Programme

Developing the ecosystem of innovation support to SMEs in Europe.


Leveraging cross capacity building between ICT, Health, BIO and Medicine sectors for new emerging industries in personalized health.

2017-2019 — INNOLABS aims to foster collaboration, transfer of knowledge and opportunities among SMEs from different countries and sectors in order to develop, improve and deliver disruptive technologies mainly related to mHealth, personalized healthcare and ageing populations.

We are in charge of selecting, compiling and coordinating all services, actions and tools to be provided by third parties and consortium partners. We also organised the 2nd Innolabs Idea Contest Event in 2018.

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Horizon 2020 and the COSME Programme

COSME is the EU programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) running from 2014 to 2020 with a planned budget of €2.3bn.

Cluster Excellence for Creative Industries Leadership (CECIL)

Driving cluster excellence and providing top professional support services in the digital cultural and creative industries (CCI) sector.

2015-2017 — CECIL consortium united European clusters to drive cluster excellence and provide top professional support services in the digital cultural and creative industries (CCI) sector (ICT for CCI). We have been chosen for being a reference gold label cluster for Digital Creative Industries, but also, knowing that the sector in which we operate is fast moving and relies hugely on creativity, for which exchange of best practices and services with clusters from other regions is needed and rewarding for the benefit of European SMEs.

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European Institute of Innovation & Technology Health (EIT Health)

Enabling an exchange between those who demand health innovation and innovators in our partnership who supply it.

European Health Catapult (EHC)

Sourcing and accelerating European start-ups in biotech, medtech and digital health.

Since 2017 — Select and train the best European teams in Medtech, Biotech and Digital Health. Nominated SMEs, spin-offs and start-ups have the opportunity to optimise their business plan and to strengthen their ability to pitch in front of top-level investors and industry stakeholders in view of the EIT Summit in London where prizes will be awarded to the winners.  We are responsible for the overall project management, the setting up of the project guidelines, rules & structure, the preparation of the participation call, the marketing strategy and activities, the identification, selection and nomination of teams and the planning and implementing the pitch event and the award ceremony as well as for reporting.

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Israel-Canada Gateway (IL-CAN Gateway)

Providing top European SMEs a unique gateway to two internationally recognised hubs of innovation, with the involvement of strong local partners.

2018 — Canada can be an excellent alternative to the US for those interested in the North American market. Gain access to the complementary ecosystems of Toronto and Montreal and take advantage of a unique agreement with Europe to fund innovative collaborations as well as a new trade agreement.
Israel has one of the most condensed ecosystems in life sciences and digital health and is the number one country in R&D spending and capital investment per inhabitant. EU SMEs can discover opportunities to access key opinion leaders, set up clinical trials and meet private funders.
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Product Market Fit

Supporting European digital health and medtech start-ups that are ready to launch their solutions in European countries outside of their home market.

Since 2017 — EIT Health Accelerator offered companies a market scan of Sweden, Estonia, Spain, UK, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Sixteen digital health and medtech companies benefited from a fully funded product/market fit report conducted by a local partner. The free-of-charge research has a value of €25 000. The information acquired gave companies actionable insights and was of tremendous value for them as they seeked to convince investors in the next funding round and to decide whether to explore or discard possibilities in a given market.

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International fund raising support improving the value of digital media and creative industries through innovative business models and services

2010-2012 — ImMediaTe aims to provide tools and services to assist the growth of digital media SMEs operating in the creative industries sector. IMMEDIATE is dedicated to the development of digital media and creative industries thanks to innovative services and business models. Cap Digital contributed to organize 5 internationals meetings about: Investment Forum at Mobile World Congress (Barcelona), IPR for Creative Talents (Amsterdam), Cross-media (Rome), Mobile Gaming (Malta) and Digital Solutions for Creative Cities (Paris)


Open Cities

Towards Smart Cities using Open-innovation schemes

Opencities aims to explore the possibility of integrating Open and User-driven Innovation methodologies in the public sector. Through this project, Cap Digital intends to support businesses working in the areas of digital contents in Europe, fine-tune their innovative on-line and mobile services and digital contents. Cap Digital’s involvement is on real size experimentation before the commercial development of the project


eMaps II

Knowledge Hub for Industry and Clinical Innovators.

2018 — Through an EIT Health Funded project, the Oxford Academic Health Science Network; Achmea and the Karolinska Institute have been developing a web based e-learning platform that helps guide innovators through the market specific challenges in several EU member states. The platform eMAPs provides innovators key information on regulation, market sizing, developing market specific value propositions, and navigating national and regional reimbursement processes. Currently the platform cover the UK, Netherlands and Sweden but in time will include France, Spain, Switzerland and Denmark.

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Innovation Fellowship

2018 — Comprehensive activity that unites the three types of health innovation fellowship programmes. The network maximises the synergies between the fellowship programmes, enabling the spreading of the methodologies to both teachers and learners across EIT Health pillars, and resulting in entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial people, products and services in healthcare.

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Market Coach Network (MCN)

Connecting EIT Health´s individual experts, partners, institutions and corporations, and leverages this robust European know-how with a platform to best support start-ups through individual mentoring.

2017 — The Market Core Network core value is to facilitate connections and exchange know-how – helping health and healthcare start-ups get advice from that person who has the expertise needed at that very moment.

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European Institute of Innovation & Technology Digital (EIT Digital)

EIT Digital is a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation driving Europe’s digital transformation.

Startup to Scaleup Launchpad Europe

Creating a platform where passionate innovators from startups, corporations and investors are brought together.

Launchpad Europe is a concept of a joint activity between Espoo Marketing, Nokia, Cap Digital and Systematic. The platform will bring high growth potential startup companies together with multinational corporations and investors with a concrete Open Innovation approach.

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