Discover how French startups and SME face the crisis

After we had revealed a few weeks ago the first results of our first barometer dedicated to innovative start-ups and SMEs of our ecosystem (in French), we have carried out at the end of May 2020 a second consultation wave in order to measure the evolution of the situation (available in English this time!).


Turnovers, cash flow, staff… What are the economic impacts? How did start-ups and SMEs get hold of the aid put in place by the Regions and the State? How and why do start-ups and SMEs turn to their banks? And what vision for the future? What are the evolutions? Find the answers in this second edition of the barometer.

Discover the Barometer #2

Turnover & Cash flow

If the turnover remains stable, the cash flow of start-ups and SMEs has increased compared to the first barometer.

Turnover Insight

This second part of the barometer shows that – for more than a half of the companies surveyed – the turnover remains stable between March and April 2020: 54% of the companies surveyed had a stable turnover between March and April 2020. The trend confirms in May 2020 with 50% of the surveyed that expect a stable or increasing turnover for this month.

54%of the companies surveyed had a stable turnover between March and April 2020


Insight Cash flow

The surveyed companies regain in cash flow capacity: 47% of the interrogated companies indicate that their current cash flow capacities will allow to hold for more than 6 months (VS 36% in the barometer of April 2020)

6+ monthsof cash flow capacity for almost half of the companies


Encouraging perspectives are to be noted on the job side.

Despite the difficulties, the vast majority of start-ups & SMEs do not plan to reduce their wage: 26%
of the interrogated companies even declare to plan to hire people over the next three months.


85%of companies expect a stable or increasing wage bill in the next 3 months

Support programs

The use of support schemes put in place by the State and the Regions is confirmed.

Among the 78% of start-ups and SMEs that requested one or many support programs on national or regional level since the beginning of the crisis, the PGE (Prêt Garanti par l’Etat) on the top of the list.

And after? Priority and confidence indicator for the future

How do Start-ups and SMEs see themselves in the future? Entrepreneurs remain confident and have been reviewing their priorities.

Insight priorities 

In response to the crisis, entrepreneurs have reviewed their priorities to focus firstly their activities on:


#1 – Commercial prospecting
#2 – Adaptation of their services offer


Indicator of confidence in the future

An increasing rating of confidence in the future has been noted compared with the previous barometer:


20%very confident in the future
38%confident in the future
30%moderately confident in the future
12%little confident in the future
Discover the Barometer #2
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