AI4Cities Request for Tenders is now launched

AI4Cities is an H2020  Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) looking for Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to accelerate carbon neutrality.

Six cities and regions are involved in the project: Amsterdam (Netherlands), Copenhagen (Denmark), Helsinki (Finland), Île-de-France/Paris region (France), Stavanger (Norway) and Tallin (Estonia). These public authorities have developed ambitious strategies and policy plans to become carbon neutral by -at latest- 2050.

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Request for Tenders is open until 28th February

Tenderers are invited to submit innovative solutions in the field of mobility (Lot 1) and energy (Lot 2).

AI4Cities aims to help accelerate the transition to carbon neutrality by utilising artificial intelligence and related enabling technologies – such as big data applications, 5G, edge computing and IoT – to find innovative solutions contributing to the reduction of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions.

The PCP will be split in three phases, a solution design phase (Phase 1), a prototyping phase (Phase 2) and a piloting phase (Phase 3).

€360KUp to

The project could bring up to €360K to organisations to develo an innovative solution addressing cities’ challenge. Tenderers’ offers will be evaluated by the Buyers Group composed of the members of the six cities and regions.

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