Trusted European Media Data Space (TEMS) our new project shaping the future of the media industry.

TEMS is the biggest European initiative to create a secured and trusted European Media Data Space for the media sector.

Supported by the Digital Europe Programme of the European Union (Grant Agreement No 101123423), TEMS is a 3-year project, operated by 43 organisations representing hundreds of stakeholders from 14 countries in the cultural and creative sectors, which aims to conceive and implement a common media data space across Europe.

Through large-scale deployment of cutting-edge services, infrastructures, and platforms, TEMS will address fighting misinformation, audience analysis, improving data flows in production chains, and supporting the adoption of AI and Virtual Reality technologies.

3 yearsduration
16.5 M€budget
14 different countries
43 partners

Cap Digital's role

• Coordination of collaborative workshops to develop a business model for the French platform

• Dissemination actions & engagement of the Cultural & Creative industries (CCI) innovation community

Collaborative workshops to develop a business model for the French platform

Recommendations from these workshops

Engagement of the of ICC community

Dissemination & communication
Action plans

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