Wishing you a bright and happy new year 2023

'AI, draw me the world of tomorrow'

At the end of 2022, Cap Digital submitted its application to the French State to be officially renew as a competitive clusters. This open call gave us the opportunity to re-establish our strategic vision and action plan for the next four years. A strategy consolidated in a dedicated roadmap, structured around four main priority objectives and four key technologies. In order to illustrate this important work, we used artificial intelligence-assisted image & art generators (DALL.E, Midjourney and NightCafe).

The analysis made ? Disturbing creations, sometimes poetic, sometimes dystopian. Sometimes figurative, often abstract. Honestly, this process amused us and undeniably allowed us to explore new creative tracks. But it also reveals how these algorithms struggle to illustrate the prospective work that is ours without falling into stereotypes.

The exercise surprises, raises questions and if it makes us smiling, it also helps us to better understand about our place as innovators in this future that is taking shape.


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