With Ellure create your own cosmetics with mass personalisation technology

Ellure is a Swedish start-up supported since January 2021 by Cap Digital in the framework of the EIT Digital programme.

The company develops mass personalisation technology to meet diverse customers’ needs and prevents over production. Their first product launched is a custom-made on-demand liquid lipstick.

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According to P&G, 80% of cosmetics bought are not actively being used

Based on this observation, Ellure has decided to produce responsibly by only using producing products that are actually going to be bought and used, without creating excessive waste.

The innovation comes from the possibility for the customer to create their own products based on their own completion. With personalisation, Ellure provides a choice for customers to consume sustainability by buying what they will use.

To propose this innovative solution, Ellure relies on a range of technologies. An Augmented Reality (AR) system is used to let the customer do a virtual try-on. The system also relies on a proprietary algorithm that translates customer requirements into product formulations and produce automatically the unique product the customer required. Finally, Ellure cosmetics has vegan and animal cruelty free formulation of products that is also suitable for automation.

Customization should help to reduce overproduction and overconsumption in the beauty industry

With their first liquid lipstick launched in October 2020, the company has already entered the market and counts more than 100 private buying customers. By leveraging on this first product, Ellure wants also to develop a range of personalized technologies to design cosmetic, hygiene and personal care products. For the year to come, Cap Digital will support the start-up with the environmental analysis of the production mode, the business model development and the opening of a pop-up store in Paris in 2021.

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