A new fundraising for Invenis

Invenis, a French start-up member of Cap Digital, has just raised 3 million euros to make business intelligence accesible to all SMEs in France. Part of this fundraising was financed by Crédit Mutuel Innovation. It was its first round table since its creation in 2015.

This company of 20 employees publishes a business intelligence software for SMEs

Its aim is to support these enterprises in the predictive analysis of all their data and in autonomy. Amidst a complex Big Data and AI market, Invenis is developing tools that can be easily used by business analyst teams.

Grégory Serrano, co-founder of Invenis «This economic crisis that we are experiencing puts data in the center of our attention. In this highly uncertain context, in which many companies have suffered brutal business losses, Data allows a thoughtful and objective recovery»

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