Get funding for your COVID-19 solution

EIT Health is inviting you to propose solutions against the current Covid pandemic. Many SMEs are already working on COVID-19 related activities and many more have ideas to contribute to these efforts. The global response to combat this pandemic requires every organisation and each of us to do our part. As a member of EIT Health, Cap Digital wants to support this network of excellence identifying such start-ups and SMEs that may have solutions and ideas.

How does it work?

EIT Health just opened a COVID-19 response platform in its homepage to enable its partners to support each other in their COVID-19 related activities.

Organisations are now able to post ‘Asks’ for resources/support that they need to advance their activities, or that they can post ‘Offers’ of additional resources/support to another organisation’s activities.

EIT Health will also invite the submission of new proposals that address the management and response to pandemics. These new proposals on pandemics will need to submit Expressions of Interest by 27 May 2020. The amended BP 2021 Call for Proposals document with all criteria on this subject will be published by 14 April 2020 on EIT Health website. The deadline to submit these new proposals – whose activities should start in January 2021 – will be 8 July 2020.

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