The SocialTruth project engaged to fight fake news on Coronavirus

The SocialTruth Project is a H2020 project aiming at detecting fake news by both professionals (i.e. journalists) and individuals (daily social media users). It created a new thread of interlinked activities to address the increasing appearance of news related to coronavirus.

The SocialTruth consortium has agreed on the main plans to be carried out

- QWANT, a member of Cap Digital, will be aggregating large volumes of datasets enriched with metadata that will be useful to assess credibility levels. The idea is , first, to make available Coronavirus-related Tweets and News Feeds to be used by Social Truth partners for misinformation analysis and for preparing and validating computer algorithms for identifying fake news.
- Disseminate verified news and information on Coronavirus
- Designate inconsistencies and content taken out-of-context
- Accelerate the development by QWANT and ICCS of the Digital Companion designed as a browser plugin for checking fake news, and prepare a short video to present it

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SocialTruth will benefit individual users, by checking the reliability of Social Media content and stopping misinformation in its tracks, and will help media organisations, content authors and journalists to improve their investigative resources with a better option to crosscheck different multimedia sources and create a more sustainable quality and security-oriented web and social media ecosystem.

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