Cap Digital calls for 50% of EU funding for SMEs

Cap Digital is committed to enabling its start ups and SMEs to have an easier access to European funding. Alongside 50 clusters and associations from all over Europe, we signed an open letter sent on March 25 by the European DIGITAL SME Alliance and 48 national associations of digital SMEs to the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, to ask him that 50% of the European funding should be dedicated to Digital Innovation in order to benefit the start ups and SMEs. The latter are going to be very affected by the Covid-19. By writing this letter, we want to ask for a strongly elevated consideration for SMEs in the EU budget 2021-2027.

Today, SMEs only get 20% of EU available funding

In this budget, programs like Horizon Europe, Digital Europe, the Connecting Europe facility and other funding instruments are also included. There is a lack of resources for ICT small and medium businesses to invest in Research and Development. Today, the SMEs only get approximately 20%, in contrast with large enterprises, universities and research organisations that share the remaining 80%.

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